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[11/6/13] FragHouse Update

[11/6/13] [FH] FragHouse Update

I know that its been quiet on the website lately, as well as the forums… which is pretty dead at the moment. But do not fear! We’ll be working harder on maintenance of the website and the forums! We’d like to get our community a little more involved here! 😀

Lets bring back the classic changelog that we used to do here:

– Removed Spam Accounts from the Forum
– Removed Spam Posts from the General Discussion in the Forum

+ Made a post update!
+ Made a classic changelog!

Things you should be expecting:

  • Brand new forum face-lift.
    • I’m really not liking the whole Black Ops 2 Theme, I’ve been meaning to change that forever ago, I’ll get to it soon. I’ll be adding specific designs to the game server boards we have relating to the game itself.
    • The forum will be a lot more up-to-date with news that has been going on the server and the Facebook group.
    • Expect more content and hopefully more involvement and maintenance.
  • Website being up-to-date.
    • Most of our news has been kept up-to-date on our Facebook group. I’ll be updating more on here to mirror what goes on to all you Facebook haters.
  • Possibly new website design?
    • Personally I kind of like the Blogging format of the website right now. But I’ll be trying to re-organize and reformat the current content here on our other page tabs.

Well that’s about it! I’ll be doing my best to clean things up over at the website and forums whenever I have the time!

Also, I am looking for anyone interested in helping on a Video Project, and/or being a Server and/or Forum Admin! Let me know if you’re interested!

Happy Fraggin’,



Haven’t been up to much. Been pretty lazy lately. xD



[8/29/13] Quick Post

Hey everyone, just a quick post to show that we’re still alive.

Been busy with work, whenever I get free time, I’m going to start designing web pages from scratch to give a better visual feel to the website.


[FTB – Direwolf20 – Modded]

Hey everyone, so the latest DW20 1.5 pack came out publicly recently. However it still lacks some things, so we threw on a few mods.

You’re going to need:

Installing is simple. From your FTB launcher, click on Edit Mod Pack, and Add Mod, then just select the .zip and .jar files.

Went past ‘Ad Fly’ to get the normal links for you guys, you’re welcome.

[FTB – Direwolf20 1.5 – MineTrax]

Hey everyone, quick post.

You’ll need these files to play on our server.

Installation Instructions

  • Download all three files provided above.
    • Put these files somewhere convenient for you. Preferably close to wherever you installed your Feed the Beast.
  • Start up Feed the Beast and select your Direwolf 1.5 Pack.
    • Click on “Edit Mod Pack”
    • Click on “Add Mod”
    • Select the MineTrax .zip
    • Done.
  • Launch Direwolf 1.5
    • Once fully booted up, exit out of it.
  • Navigate to your Feed the Beast files.
    • My Default Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mojang\Feed The Beast\Direwolf20_1_5
      • (I’m sure yours is different, just find yours.)
    • Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mojang\Feed The Beast\Direwolf20_1_5\minecraft\config
      • Replace your “mMineTrax.cfg” with the one you just downloaded.
    • Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mojang\Feed The Beast\Direwolf20_1_5\minecraft\resources\mod\streaming
      • Extract all the .ogg files into this folder.
  • You’re done! Fire up Minecraft and join our server at:

This is a quick post, I’ll make this all pretty later.

[6/29/13] Forum, StarMade, and a Post Update!

Greetings everyone!

Wow, it sure has been a long time since I’ve updated anything on here. People in our Facebook group are still in the loop though, right? ;D

Just so everyone knows, we host a StarMade server now! (Server IP: You can get additional info about our server by visiting the forum, which you can spot up on the handy navigation bar up above. :3

A lot is being worked on, I’ve been doing some streaming, working on our Server Status page, making graphics, etc.


That’s it for this small quick post update!


The Raven

The Raven

The Raven

The Raven

The Raven

The Raven

Damaged Shop and a Daedalus

Damaged Shop and a Daedalus

Planet Terrain

Planet Terrain

Docking Station

Docking Station

Kitty Skippers

Kitty Skippers

Small Bunker

Small Bunker

Landing Bay Tower

Landing Bay Tower

[Server Status] Graphic Design

Hey guys!

Xerxeth here, creating some images for the Minecraft Servers to show their status. Just to make the page a bit more pleasing to look at. ;3

Currently we’re working on the FTB – Direwolf20 server. Here are the designs I’ve made so far.

[Version 1]


[Version 2 (Forgot to fix the size)]

[Version 3]


[Version 3 – Other Offline State]


[Version 3B]



Here are Steinyboy’s, which he’s made for all three servers:

Fraghouse Servers Direwolf20 OnlineFraghouse Servers Direwolf20 Offline
Fraghouse Servers TFC OnlineFraghouse Servers TFC Offline
Fraghouse Servers Vanilla OnlineFraghouse Servers Vanilla Offline

Announcing the new forum!

Hey everybody, I just finished adding and integrating a forum to the website! A lot is planned and being worked on so be patient as everything improves.

If you have an existing account please login here and your account will be upgraded.

[Post] 1/30/13

Haven’t posted in a LOOOOONG time! Just letting everyone know that we’re still alive!

We have three Minecraft servers running. The latest official server, Feed The Beast (Direwolf20’s pack) (This server is replacing Tekkit completely.), and a TerraFirmaCraft server.

Have fun!AnotherWorld

[Website Update] 7/19/12

Hey everyone!

“Primarily updates have been focused on the downloads page and our “GOG Collection”. We’ve been getting a lot of contributors and we thank you for your support!”

What has been done:
+Completely moved and updated all download setups.

What will be added:
+More Games of course!
+A redesigned downloads page.
+Button links!
+A contributor’s page to show our appreciation!
+New web content!

What will be removed:
Cluster on the downloads page.

Currently that’s it for this quick post update. Wondering when the next games will be unlocked? Interstate ’82 is planned to be unlocked some time tomorrow, and S2: Silent Storm will be tomorrow or the next day if all goes well. Check out the downloads page to get your game on!